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MNBirminghamLocalEd Sat 09-Aug-14 21:38:54

I am Sala Davies, your Editor and this thread is for local users of the site to 'sign in'.

Of course you do not have to use your real identity but It'd be great to get some idea of how many of you use these boards and suggestions as to what you might like to see listed and highlighted.

MNBirminghamLocalEd Wed 13-Aug-14 20:50:13

Ooh, realise I should probably start.

I've got three boys (7, 4, 2) and live in South Birmingham. I'm usually on the look-out for good outdoorsy stuff to do with them, especially during the school holidays. I'm particularly fond of outdoorsy places with cafes attached in need of caffeine.

And doing this job I love finding out all the brilliant things we have at our disposal in Birmingham. Wish I'd known about those Bambino cinema events at the mac, and buggy fit when DS1 was a baby - they sound much more fun than sitting at home clutching Gina Ford.

Brummymum Sun 17-Aug-14 21:46:31

I've got 3 girls (7, 5 and 2) and I live in Central Birmingham.

I work full time but am always looking out for interesting places to take the kids at the weekends, and I am always in the lookout for new friends for myself in Brum too.

I am also rubbish at finding out about local events, we tend to stick to the same places eg local park out of habit.

BillyBollyBrum Wed 20-Aug-14 13:07:48


I have two girls and a boy, all under 5. My life is quite child centric as you imagine!

I'm always interested in what's going on, went to see the machines exhibition at the art gallery and that was brilliant.

We are based in Sutton, so lots of time spent in and around the park. Also swimming and soft play. Not really a crafty person so tend to take the kids out for that, but do like some time just lounging about. DH assures me this won't last long when DS gets moving smile

MNBirminghamLocalEd Thu 21-Aug-14 20:45:31

Hi BrummyMum and BillyBollyBrum. smile

Congratulations on Number 3, Billy! (lounge around for as much as you can, btw. I had three under 5 and it was knackering)

I shall get us over to Bmag next week - my boys adore all things mechanical. We went to a (dullish) windmill last week whilst on holiday and they were utterly captivated.

We've been lurking around parks and Botanical Gardens of late, in between removing wallpaper/ painting the house, to make the boys run off their excess energy. We did make it to The Gruffalo at the Town Hall last week which was really good fun, and a bit of a change for us.

Has anyone been to the back-to-backs with young children? It seems a tad grown up for mine (2, 4, 7), but would appreciate anyone else's experience.

nkemo Mon 25-Aug-14 08:57:31

Hi all.
Just moved to the area live close to Edgbaston cricket ground. Am free this week if anyone fancies a meet up. My daughter is 10 months and will be going to nursery. Does anyone have any ideas of good places to take an infant?

KingsHeathen Mon 25-Aug-14 09:27:40

nkemo- you're right by the nature centre at cannonhill park- great for small children, open every day except christmas I think, there's a playground and picnic ground there too, and a cafe.

We also loved the sealife centre- there are usually 2 for 1 offers available, or annual passes if grandparents are feeling generous.

we have annual passes for the botanical gardens- they're lovely, safe to let the children 'off the leash', and there's live music every sunday throughout the simmer too!

TotsPlayBirmingham Thu 28-Aug-14 13:44:30

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Kirstiiie Tue 09-Sep-14 07:52:07

Hey everyone, I'm a nanny working in the harborne area, taking care of an 11 month old, active and lovely, little girl.

Is there anyone that would like to meet up for play dates and such? She loves soft play and play and stays and swimming and just general play with her little friends?

I have Facebook so you can see I'm genuine smile just looking for some friends to go places with!

Kirstie. X

MNBirminghamLocalEd Tue 09-Sep-14 21:50:46

Hello Kirstilie and Nkemo! It really sounds like it's time I organised a Mumsnet meet-up.

Where do you fancy? We could try the Nature Centre at Cannon Hill Park, which has a new(ish) soft play bit in the cafe for the little ones to let off steam while we gossip over coffee. Or I'm happy to go with any other suggestions…


Kirstiiie Sun 14-Sep-14 12:33:07

That's a fantastic idea, MNBirminghamLocalEd,
Nature centre fine by me, went there a week or so ago, and it's lovely smile


Rach4622 Mon 15-Sep-14 17:04:20

Hi, In response to your message; I too am in South Birmingham... and think I can help with your quest to find "outdoorsy" stuff to do.

A friend of mine (who is a mum of four) and myself have horses and ponies. We often take them to the local park where we get swamped by kids who want to 'have a go'!!

The general consensus is that not only are riding schools expensive and hard to get to, but are also restrictive (not allowing kids under 6, or adults over 11 stone etc, etc) and are "unapproachable"... so we came up with an idea...

We started a new riding service - We don't make a profit, (we just want to make riding accessible and affordable to everyone!!) are less than half the price of riding schools (starting at just £2.50), and we accept everyone!!!

We try to cover the cost of keeping our horses, and the money we raise from pony rides at fetes etc we donate to local charities!

I'm a seasoned riding instructor with 30 years experience... We are CRB cleared... and have council regulation, so we can use public land such as local parks - making us mobile, and therefore easier for you to get to!!!

Our ponies are amazing, and patiently allow kids to clamber all over them!! (I've posted some pics with this post) We do everything from letting tiny tots have short 'pony rides'.. (have a look at the pics of our angel pony with tiny kids on her!!!)...to older kids and adults lessons, and leisurely hacks through the countryside... From just £2.50!!!

... We can even bring our ponies to kids parties... the ponies (and us!) even dress up according to your party theme!

You can call us on: 07779 635 314 for a friendly chat, and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

Hope this is an exciting new 'outdoorsy' idea which you, and other local Mums would be interested in?

PS...I'm a caffeine addict too, so I'm sure I can make you a coffee too...lol

Give us a call for a chat... no pressure! 07779 635 314 (Stellar Ponies)

MNBirminghamLocalEd Mon 15-Sep-14 18:48:57

Hello Rachel - were you at the Bournville Scarecrow Festival on Saturday? My DC may have been among the admiring hordes!

This is more of a chatty, getting-to-know-you thread, but if you click on Add Listing (top RHS) you can add all the details of your riding business on our directory. It's totally free, and you can put it under "Children's Parties" and "Things To Do", so you're easily found. Good luck with it - sounds brilliant.

Kirstie, there was a sudden start-of-term demand on the Edgbaston Meet Up pages, and I've arranged one for next Monday 22 September at the mac cafe, with the prospect of a walk/playpark afterwards. I'll have my 2-year-old and there are a couple of MNers with babies. Do join us - it would be lovely to see you. Maybe the Nature Centre next time?

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