Schooling and Moving to Birmingham

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LadyPipPip Sun 08-Sep-13 19:20:27

I live within walking distance of Maney primary and Plantsbrook secondary and they both have fantastic reputations. I love it here and would really recommend it as an area of Sutton to look at.

silentsteel Sun 08-Sep-13 18:26:02


Really appreciate your help on this.

>>Renting is very competitive,
Did not realise that it was this competitive. Hence I am guessing that it will be expensive to buy and rent here.

To be honest since we are going to be renting as we still need to sell our house before we can afford to buy one, our idea was to rent a place near to a decent school and which is also good to commute from.

I am going to have a check on these schools and then comeback with some more questions on this. As i am not entirely clued up on the English schooling system, being used to the Scottish Schooling system where you either go state or private you don't have Grammar and Academies in the mix. To be honest I am not entirely sure about the Academies, we really want a school where the standard of 'core' subjects such as Maths, Science, Computing and English is very good and has decent extra curricular activities.

We are not too bothered about other subjects in general. You have been of great help in all of this matter and I really appreciate your input.

I'll be back shortly..

BillyBollyBrum Sun 08-Sep-13 09:49:28

Sorry, I've just seen you want to rent.

Renting is very competitive, my friend has recently rented a small 3 bed close to the centre of Sutton for £800 and was nearly mobbed when she was looking round!

If you are thinking of the commute I would suggest Central Sutton and South Sutton, being Boldmere and Maney with Plantbrook as your secondary. Primaries are Boldmere, Maney, Holland House/Town Middle, Wylde Green, New Oscott, Penns Combined. Or Highclare or the Shubbery private.

BillyBollyBrum Sun 08-Sep-13 09:44:45

Hi there

Warwick Parkway has a train into Paddington I think? And Euston, but you would need to look into that as I don't use that trainline. It starts from Snow Hill in Brum.

New Street to Euston leave every 15 mins.

However Sutton I know much more about. smile

You have 4 main secondaries, outside the grammars. Plantsbrook covers the side of Sutton closest to Brum, you would be looking at central Sutton, Maney and Boldmere really. Cross city train from Four Oaks, Sutton, Wylde Green or Chester Road.

Fairfax and John Wilmott are opposite to each other, Fairfax has the better reputation but I believe Wilmott is now on the up. That covers Walmley, Reddicap, Falcon Lodge, Whitehouse Common and anyone who doesn't get catchment for Arthur Terry.

Arthur Terry is in Four Oaks and you need to live really close to get in, very good reputation. It is right next to the train station though so that is good, Butlers Lane I think. It covers Four Oaks and Mere Green. Four Oaks is further away from Birmingham.

The primaries are generally very good, although you may find problems getting in as they are sought after. If you know whereabouts in Sutton you are thinking of I could help more there.

If you don't mind sharing, if we know you budget for a house we may be able to help a bit more.

silentsteel Sat 07-Sep-13 19:28:17

Thanks BillyBollyBrum and LadyPipPip for your advice. It is much appreciated.

I like Sutton however I was very much concerned about the time it took to Birmingham International train station and then on to London Euston. I didn't realise that there were trains going from Birmingham New Street to London Euston as well, it is good to know that there are decent commuter trains from there on. Sutton is also better for commute to Telford/ Shrewsbury area, better than Solihull and hence it is good from that point of view too.

Can both of you recommend good state Primary and Secondary Schools in Sutton are. I like the fact that there are three grammar schools however my odlest is too old to sit the 11+ exams and hence no chance of now going into Grammar.

I have looked at ofstead reports however not knowing the area etc I am a bit lost and could really do with some personal recommendation of (very) good Primary Schools and Secondary/High State Schools.

>>If you want something more rural you could around the outskirts of >>Coventry - yes really! Bablake and around there, or Warwick.
The thing is commuting, and I mean quick daily commute either down south or further up north is really really important as I can't afford to be in a position where daily commute might not be an option, hence I need to be near an accessible areas.

Kind Regards,

LadyPipPip Sat 07-Sep-13 14:08:09

I would also recommend Sutton, I work in B'ham city centre and am in town in less than 20 minutes on train and can drive to international in the same. It is also the best area (around Birmingham) for both primary and secondary schools. I don't think you should rule it out.

BillyBollyBrum Fri 06-Sep-13 21:50:10

I'm in Sutton and it's about 15mins in good traffic to International if you live my side of Sutton - around Boldmere area. Very good primary and secondary schools. Also 15 mins on train into Birmingham New Street, and from there 1hr30 into Euston. I travel ALOT smile

Solihull will put you by the M42 and Int. and also has very good schools.

If you want something more rural you could around the outskirts of Coventry - yes really! Bablake and around there, or Warwick.

silentsteel Wed 04-Sep-13 17:31:48

Hi All,

I am new to the midlands area having spent most of my time in Scotland. Last year my work situation changed which means I have been spending most of my time in England, basically around the areas from Shropshire to Birmingham to London.

As this situation is likely to continue I am looking to see move my wife and 3 kids down, rent at first and then perhaps buy a place if we settle in. Hence I would really appreciate some help.

We are looking for decent 3/4 bedroom places to rent in an area which can offer us some of the following:
1. Good commute wise, my work takes me travelling hence I would like to be near M6 / Birmingham International or easily commuteable.

2. Good school area. My son has just started High School so moving here from Scotland a Grammer School is out of the question as he is above the age, but a good state school.

2. My younger children, Daughter who would be able to sit Grammer School test next year, however if she doesn't get selected would go to state school. My youngest is in Primary and is a few years away from High School or 11+ etc but we need a good Primary School recommendation.

I had originally thought of Sutton Coldfied area for renting as it is nearer to M6 however it is a bit of a distance away from Birmingham International should I need to go further down south or to London for work.

So where Sutton is in the mix, I am wondering if there are better alternatives that we as a family could be looking at? Ideally we would be in a nice safe, quiet family area with very good schools Primary / Secondary schools nearby and a good compromise for commute for me from where I can get on M6 to go to Shrewsbury - current workplace or on a good train link if I need to go to down south or up North. (One is allowed to dream)

I appreciate that there is a lot to consider and I am hoping that people on this forum would be able to advise.

Kind Regards,
Silentsteel. (I appreciate that the site is called Mumsnet, I am hoping that a dad would not be shooed away by the ladies smile

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