Find somewhere suitable for long term settlement.

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elainebirmingham Thu 21-Feb-13 09:57:47

Me and my husband have lived in Birmingham for more than 10 years but always in city centre. As we are considering to have baby, we plan to move out of city and find somewhere suitable for family life.

I am working in the city, so hopefully somewhere with convenient transport. More importantly, the area is kids friendly. with good school and nice environment.

Although we have been here long, still not very familiar with out circle area. Some friends have suggested Solihull. But want to hear more opinions. Any suggestion would be great!

LadyPipPip Sat 02-Mar-13 15:51:36

We are the same as you but are moving out due to having 1 year old DD. We are moving to Sutton Coldfield in the next few weeks. There are several reasons but basically, plenty of shops, restaurants and a small cinema if DH and I want some time out. Great schools, huge park, lots of activities. It is really handy for the M6 and train goes to New Street. I work on Colmore Row so had to be easy to get into town. Solihull seems more expensive to me but am not sure why to be honest, the schools in Sutton are better and I like the fact it seems more community based.

PVSolutions Fri 19-Apr-13 12:16:01

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FunAtTheBarber Thu 25-Jul-13 01:10:04

Bournville is great - great schools, decent local shops (baker, butchers, deli,bank etc), lovely park in village and nearby (Cotteridge, Rowheath), nice friendly churches of all denominations etc. Great transport - Bournville station (15 mins into the city), and really handy for A38, M5, M42 etc. No pubs or restaurants, but not that far to Harborne, Cotteridge etc. Great community feel and house prices SO much cheaper than Harborne, Moseley, Sutton or Solihull.

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