Local Christmas Trees & Turkeys

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Suttonmummy Fri 07-Dec-12 14:28:20

Just to share, as just back from Marston Green with a 7 foot Christmas tree, that was cut on Monday and sold to me & wrestled into my car today for £30. The chap is set up in a small field as you drive into the village on your left. They mainly sell to garden centres and the like, but sell here direct to the public. I bought one at a lovely local garden centre last year for £70 and thought I would shop around this time.

I also bought a turkey last year from a well known high end supermarket and this year thought we'd buy local and shop around. Bodnetts Farm on Plantation Lane, around Hopwas (nr Tamworth) are super helpful and friends. £5 deposit and you can pick your turkey up 22/23/24 December.

Hope this can be useful smile

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