Buying a house near Lichfield/Fradley advice needed on schools

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Suttonmummy Fri 07-Dec-12 14:37:14

Hi, hope you received some messages on this. Both the Friary and King Edwards are thought to be good secondary schools in Lichfield and I know two sets of happy parents at Netherstowe too.

There are some nice nurseries in Lichfield. We haven't looked at them for 2 years, but all worth you visiting to see what you like. They were all open to new parents visiting.

Try Friary pool for kids activities and there are toddler activities in Lichfield and Whittington, but I don't know for Fradley.

Good luck smile

Justtrying Fri 11-May-12 10:33:09

Is anyone here from Fradley/Lichfield? We are considering buying a house in the area and need some advice about local schools. DD is one so school won't be an issue for a while, I will be looking for nursery a few days a week, but this can wait, I guess when the time comes she will go to St Stephen's primary.

Of a more pressing matter is secondary schools, DH's grandson lives with us and enters Year 10 in September, the council website suggests Fradley falls under The Friary catchment area, how do you find this school, is there a bus etc? Do your children go to other schools in Lichfield, if so what are they like?

Will also be looking for activities for dd, waterbabies, rythm time etc, any Fradley mums out there?

Thanks in advance

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