Looking for a Yummy Mummy to accompany me to a party Saturday night!

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Treadmillmom Thu 12-Apr-12 14:14:24

Hello, I'm a married mom of 3 aged 40 and I ain't done partying yet. I can't afford to go out lots but goddam I'm so bored of not having the opportunity to get dressed up and have a real laugh and a dance with some innocent flirting thrown in.
Anyway, I've been invited to a 40th at a club in B'ham city centre on Sat 14th Apr and everyone around me has opted for slippers and cocoa.
I desperately wanna go, it'll be old skool vibes R&B, Garage, Raga, Soca too I guess.
I've hinted about going alone but DH just glared at me, wanna come with me?

Suki10 Tue 14-Aug-12 20:35:17

Hiya! I've just moved to Birmingham. I can relate to your problem. I'm 42 and a mum of 4 and like you I feel I'm not done dancing yet but find most people my age retired early. I'm always up for a party so I'll try and get a sitter as I'm yet to experience the nightlife here,kind regards,Suki.

Luce74 Thu 27-Sep-12 17:35:43

Hi guys

Just come across your messages. Been in Brum for abt a year but haven't found anyone to go out with. I too don't feel too old to go clubbing. I'm a 38 year old mother of one and share the same taste in music. I'm sure we'll have a lot more in common than that tho! Let me no if u wanna meet up. Lucina smile

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