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2wwmadness Thu 23-Feb-12 13:43:52

This morning I have finally found somewhere to live! Fingers crossed we move in march 1st. We are re-locating to the area from Newcastle so I only know the area looked nice and the estate agent was lovely. Also the sainsburys is great for an emergency wee and packet of pretzels.
I'm 30 weeks pregnant with our 1st dc. I know no one and would like to know of any places/groups/random cafes I can cry and rock gently in the corner in. Basically, I need friends. Can anyone help me?!? I'm nice. Honest!

BillyBollyBandy Thu 23-Feb-12 19:37:29

Hi! Right you know where Sainsburys is so you are already on to a winner. At the back of the car park there is Mere Green Community Centre. There are lots and lots of baby/toddler classes there. As well as Zumba/yoga. There is a playgroup on a Monday morning.

Have a look at Baby Senosry classes, they are a good way to met new mums as babies can go from very tiny. They are more for you than baby but nowt wrong with that!

Wyndley Leisure Centre has a baby pool if you want to go swimming as well as full leisure facilities. They used to do a buggy walk type thing - not sure if that is still on. It was just a walk around sutton park once a week I think. There is also a gymfants class there, as well as other kid's stuff.

I'm from Boldmere so know more about cafe's over this side of sutton, there are a couple of Boldmere shops and also Wylde Green shops. There is a Costa, again by Sainsbury's in Mere Green. Not sure about independants.

There is also a garden centre down the road in shenstone. They have a nice cafe and also soft play for when baby gets bigger.

There is a Bump, Babies and Beyond group in Emmanuel Church in Wylde Green - about 10 min drive, maybe 15, from Four Oaks. It is run by NCT and would be a great way to meet people with babies around the same age. It's a nice church hall too. warning netmums smile

Any other questions please ask!

2wwmadness Sat 25-Feb-12 13:38:08

Thanks so much. I really appreciate it

Peaky1 Mon 05-Mar-12 13:58:08

Thanks for this post and all the info! I'm also in Mere Green and am only 5 weeks pregnant with my first so it's very useful to get started with feeling out what's available while the news is still sinking in! Thanks again smile

reallybusymummy Tue 20-Mar-12 12:51:45

Hello, just adding to the other great posts: Holy Trinity Parish Centre has a drop in morning for parents with toddlers/babies every Wednesday at 10am. Blackroot Bistro and Town Gate Cafe in Sutton Park are nice places to head to too, as the weather warms up. You could chevk out your local NCT branch here or start your own Mumsnet local group and meet at the parks cafes...good luck x

leemccormack Sun 08-Apr-12 21:09:01

Hi I'm Lee

Just wanted to post this for the pregnant ladies.

I run Lazy Daisy Active Birth antenatal classes at Mere Green Community Centre. New term starts on Fri 13th April 6.30pm. A women only weekly yoga inspired pregnancy class. £54 for a six week term.

ladyinthelibrary Wed 11-Apr-12 07:30:54

Hey 2ww, did you move in etc? Are you settling in ok?

babynurture Mon 16-Apr-12 14:48:25

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