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Olwensmum Tue 27-Mar-12 16:00:51

We moved to Harborne last December when our little one was 2 (she'd been at her previous nursery since she was 9 months old). She's at the QE Hospital Busy Bees and loves it! The staff are all really nice and helped her to settle in quickly and she's really come on in the 15 months she's been there - I'd definately recommend it. If you have any specific questions about the nursery or area, I'd be happy to try and help - I remember how daunting it was moving to a completely new area with a little one!

chocoroo Wed 14-Mar-12 21:33:17

DD is at The Oaks nursery which is the sister nursery of The Elms - it's in the Selly Oak campus. I couldn't recommend it highly enough, it's a lovely place. Places seem to be a little bit easier to come by so it might be worth looking at too.

Morebounceperounce Wed 14-Mar-12 20:14:53

My DD is at The Elms and adores the place! We've found them to be professional, caring and accommodating, I'd definitely recommend.

Wherever you choose, I'd suggest getting your name down sooner if you can as I know that places at The Elms and Busy Bees can be hard to come by, based on the experience of friends.

Best of luck!

AIR30 Sun 19-Feb-12 17:54:50

Oh thank you so much X

tattygirl Sun 19-Feb-12 15:43:28

Try Highfield Nursery in Edgbaston. It's part of the Childbase group and located just off the Hagley Road. Highly recommended.

AIR30 Fri 17-Feb-12 22:59:38

hi everyone , we are moving to Birmingham this year and really looking forward to it but so worried about finding a good nursery because we don't know anyone from the area. We are interested in busy bees at QE hospital and I would be very grateful to hear of your opinions of it? Does anyone have a child attending? Also the Elms Day nursery has an outstanding from ofsted, is it highly regarded? Thanks so much xx

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