Running group in Sutton Coldfield

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puggirl Tue 03-Jan-12 20:47:11

Being really brave and asking if any ladies would be keen to meet up and go for a run at all. I am rubbish at motivating myself and do much better with company as the time seems to fly by. I have done quite a bit of running in the past but nothing to note for ages now and really keen to get back into it as seem to be getting heavier by the day! It would be evenings and weekends. Hoping for a reply...

ThatsNotMyBabyBelly Tue 03-Jan-12 20:48:44

There is one at Wyndley I think

puggirl Tue 03-Jan-12 21:10:11

I did go there a few years ago but am really looking for more of a flexible kind of meet-and-run on different days etc, no rigid days/times. Thanks though smile

Mbren Mon 09-Jan-12 19:13:19


I was thinking the same since I live close by to pype hays park and since they have a new cyle/walk/run route which is really good. Let me know if you interested, weekend for me is find, Im too lazy to do it on my own. Or if you have other venu in mind.

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