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WhoIsAsking Wed 07-Apr-10 22:21:59

Following on from this thread

Shall we get our bottoms into gear Bexley Mums?

I'm sure, with some thought and some enthusiasm we can become the "coolest" area in the MN Local area.

I'll start - I'm a working mum of 2 boys who are 12 and 9. I run a car pool for the eldest son (GAH!) and although I'm working I remain local (Crayford) and so am always up for a lunch time meet including mums with babies and toddlers (my biological clock is wearing down and I love a cuddle of someone elses baby - not in a weird way)

I love living here - I've been here forever it feels like. I went to school at (the then) BTHS for Girls.

I take the boys to the Ten-Pin bowling Alley fairly often and we love the cinema. Danson in the summer after school, is always a winner - and the sun appears to be finally showing it's face.

I am also up for evening meets or just to get to know mums in my area. I'm very lucky in that I have a large circle of friends, but I really believe that you can't have too many people in your life.

Shall we have a big push and try to get to know one another here first? It could be fun and, you never know, we could end up with one of those threads that we see in active convos.


Zally Thu 27-Sep-12 12:48:00

Hi I live in dartford and want to send my daughter (3) to Merton court next year. i would appreciate any feedback you can give me. I a=only see neative feedback on this site about it.

Thank you in advance

Zally Thu 27-Sep-12 13:42:44


does you daughter like Merton court?

Thinking of sending my daughter there next year

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