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WhoIsAsking Wed 07-Apr-10 22:21:59

Following on from this thread

Shall we get our bottoms into gear Bexley Mums?

I'm sure, with some thought and some enthusiasm we can become the "coolest" area in the MN Local area.

I'll start - I'm a working mum of 2 boys who are 12 and 9. I run a car pool for the eldest son (GAH!) and although I'm working I remain local (Crayford) and so am always up for a lunch time meet including mums with babies and toddlers (my biological clock is wearing down and I love a cuddle of someone elses baby - not in a weird way)

I love living here - I've been here forever it feels like. I went to school at (the then) BTHS for Girls.

I take the boys to the Ten-Pin bowling Alley fairly often and we love the cinema. Danson in the summer after school, is always a winner - and the sun appears to be finally showing it's face.

I am also up for evening meets or just to get to know mums in my area. I'm very lucky in that I have a large circle of friends, but I really believe that you can't have too many people in your life.

Shall we have a big push and try to get to know one another here first? It could be fun and, you never know, we could end up with one of those threads that we see in active convos.


valleyqueen Wed 07-Apr-10 22:41:00

I am a Bexley mum to (Belvedere) I have one dd age 11. I work ft but very locally. Our favourite hang out in the summer is the splash park ( when it's open). I didn't even realise there was a Bexley board until I saw this blush

WhoIsAsking Wed 07-Apr-10 23:06:56


Hey! So...is your DD in her final year? Is she moving on the secondary in Sept? <sob>

I've never been down to the Belvedere splash park, although I've heard great things about it.

I was chatting to someone this week about that restaurant in Belvedere which has the great garden/conservatory area...I think it used to be an Italian (I might be wrong) I'm sure I ate Lobster Thermidor there once) and I think it got closed down....any idea where I'm talking about?

solo Wed 07-Apr-10 23:19:57

Hi! I'm also a Bexley Mum! I'm in the land half a mile away from the giant fish mosaic!
On a career break atm otherwise work full time in London.
I have a Ds 11.8 and Dd 3.3. Ds is in secondary and although I'd love to get Dd into a pre school, she isn't. I'm hoping to get her into a good local nursery in September though and I am a single Mum.
I have a long term illness which prevents me from doing lots of things, but I'm open to suggestion especially if it is cheap or free!
Love Danson Park, but I always feel like a spare part when it's just me and the Dc's...

valleyqueen Wed 07-Apr-10 23:34:43

Yes she is off to big school (lump in throat) but she is really excited about it. The restaurant it spice master now an Indian I am a regular there they know me by name.

Solo know what you mean by spare part. I am a single mum to and if i go to the park with dd alone I feel a bit out of it.

WhoIsAsking Wed 07-Apr-10 23:40:54

Hi Solo,

Well, I'm just about to shoot off to bed, but wanted to keep a little eye on this thread first.

Argh! Sounds like you're having trouble finding a pre-school for DD2? I'm sure one of us can help. I know of a couple of good places in the Bexleyheath area, but if you're without a car, that may be difficult...let me know and I can ask some friends who are living in your area (I'm guessing Erith?)

I'm sorry to hear about your illness, but hey, if you can get to Danson Park in the warm weather, then I'm hoping this thread is going to grow and a real community of Bexley mums will emerge.

Bed now - I'll be bumping this thread tomorrow morning!

solo Wed 07-Apr-10 23:53:27

Yes to trouble with pre school, though tbh, I've not tried much...quite like having her to myself, but I think she'd benefit from it...
Valleyqueen, glad you understand; none of my mummy friends do...

Nemain Thu 08-Apr-10 22:16:17

Well hello there ladies!

Not quite Bexley, but only a couple of miles into Kent (I am in the smog filled Bridge and Tunnel area, urgh)

I used to live in Nuxley Vilage as well as a year in Lower Belvedere and have Grandparents who have spent my life in Bexley/Bexleyheath. I have one DS who is 5 and so at school now, but interested in keeping something local going.

I can't advise on preschools except for here, which I guess is pointless?!

WhoIsAsking Fri 09-Apr-10 10:06:01

Morning all.

Had a bit of a day of it yesterday.

Hello Nemain!

Solo - I've been thinking about it and wondering if you'd had a look Here It might be worth giving the FIS a call and getting some info.

Although, TBH, it sounds as though you're enjoying her too much to let her go ATM - nothing wrong with that!

Valleyqueen - argh, I went slightly bonkers when DS1 went to secondary school. I spent the entire summer holiday on a knife edge. I found it a more difficult transition to make that the first day at primary school. It also sent me into broody mode. How strange.

Have a good day ladies.

valleyqueen Fri 09-Apr-10 10:19:38

Hi ladies hope you are all enjoying the lovely sunshine, I went to the Abbey Ruins yesterday and actually got my arms out. That's about as exciting as it got as I am packing to go away tomorrow.

Solo have you tried creative kids pre school on west street. My friends ds goes there and when I collect him he always seems so happy and the staff are really lovely to.

WhoIsAsking Fri 09-Apr-10 10:22:52

ooh Valley - did you search for baby sharks' teeth at the ruins? They are about 50 million years old (or something...)

<jumps up and down with excitement>

valleyqueen Fri 09-Apr-10 12:01:57

No I didn't even know you could I have lived here for 30 years and did not know this.

Now I am off to dig up the place. And is kind of wondering how sharks teeth would end up on a hill nowhere near the sea

WhoIsAsking Fri 09-Apr-10 12:20:11


There's a little piece of land in the woods which they've set by specifically for hunting for the teeth. I've got a little pot of them indoors. They look like little thorns. smile The information centre should be able to give you a map to find the fossil bed.

The whole area was underwater 55 million years ago, and experts believe that the whole area was a sort of "nursery" for sharks. Amazing!

They also found a fossil of a small pony kind of thing once shock

valleyqueen Fri 09-Apr-10 12:25:13

Every day is a school day on mn.

I will have to go in there and check it out when we get get back from our holiday.

smaug77 Fri 16-Apr-10 15:55:25

Hi There,

I also live in Bexleyheath with my husband & 20 month old daughter.
We are always out and about even more so now that the warmer weather is coming.
My daughter goes to nursery in 2 days a week although we are looking to send her to Merton Court next sept when she is 3.
Where is Abbey Ruins? Sounds like fun!

valleyqueen Sun 18-Apr-10 18:59:20

Hi smaug the Abbey Ruins are in between Belvedere and Abbey Wood near AW train station, good for a local trip also has a good swing park.

Lemonylemon Thu 22-Apr-10 15:55:48

Hello everyone:

I live in Bexleyheath. I'm a single mum with a 12 (nearly 13) yo DS and a 2.5 yo DD.

The babies and I go to Danson Park quite often during the summer. We also go for walks in Oxleas Woods which is lovely when the sun is really hot (lots of shade in the trees).

Unfortunately, I work full-time in the City, so don't get out and about at all during the week.

WombFrootShoot Fri 30-Apr-10 14:18:42

Hello all again.

Um, I've namechanged but am the OP!

LemonyLemon! Smaug77! Welcome...

I read on the Bexley Council website this week that the Belvdere splash park re-opens on May 1st...Roll on summer!

VengefulKitty Fri 30-Apr-10 14:29:52

Yep - guessed the namechange right then!

Belvedere splash park is excellent! Did you know that Dartford has a mini splash park in Central Park as well? No where near as good as B'dere unfortunately, but it does.

Should we try to arrange a meet up at some point then? Maybe the splash park?

I also know of some other mum's that would come, but they are not on here as they have no internet.

WombFrootShoot Fri 30-Apr-10 21:13:24

I didn't know that VK. (They also have perverts in the toilet..or so I was once led to believe shock)

Oh and I've just re-read Lemony's post and am awwwing at her calling her 12 year old DS a baby! (We have sons the same age Lemony..aren't they just precious <grits teeth>)


VengefulKitty Mon 03-May-10 21:06:59

I also remember that being 'The Big Thing' when I was a teenager. Never heard of any illicit behaviours re: the toilets though! grin

clarebear1 Tue 11-May-10 22:43:43


Im a local too, live in Erith by Bexley college with DP and DD whos 4 in 2 weeks today actually. She goes to Picardy Pre School atm which i would highly recommend. She loves it there and always have free spaces.
She will be starting Lessness Heath in Sept :-)

Lemonylemon Thu 13-May-10 14:41:19

WFS I feel your pain grin

DS is a bigger baby than the little baby, half the time!

MalsFlannel Fri 14-May-10 16:14:38

Hello all (tis the OP, after yet another silly namechange)

Gawd, have you all heard about the court case concerning the death of a little one in Halcot Avenue?

I feel quite shocked actually. It always seems worse when something awful has happened locally doesn't it? I wonder why that should be...

Anyway, onto brighter subjects...

I have a recommendation for a restaurant which has opened on the Broadway called Zingara. I took the kids (9 and 12) there last week for a meal and it was FAB. The food was lovely and I really liked the surroundings too, quite Morrocan in decor. It wasn't too expensive either (always a consideration) There were a few other families there too, so I didn't feel uncomfortable at having the boys there.

I do not work for Zingara! I just really enjoyed it, and thought I'd pass it on. I've also been there in the evening without children, and it had a more "buzzy" atmosphere, but without me feeling like a decrepid old hound. smile

Lemonylemon Tue 25-May-10 11:02:08

Was that the case in the paper? I saw it was in Bexleyheath, but hadn't heard it was in Halcot Avenue..... Hmmm.....

Is Zingara what used to be Foggs (in ye olden times) next to Dunns? Near Devonshire Road? What time did you take the babies?

Will have to try it out. We're off to a Greek restaurant in Welling (Amos) for both mine and DS's birthday soon, so shall post on that....

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