Bishop Challoner Independent School

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Tennin Sun 24-Jul-16 21:35:55

Hello I am looking for more information ONLY on Bishop Challoner Independent School @ Shortlands. Any honest opinion would be appreciated. This is for my child who is 7 year bright kid who is polite,kind and clever to handle peers but doesn't know to confront. Current school is a state school @ Hertfordshire which is a good school by OFSTED, I am happy with the school staff and everything about the school except peers. The children in the current state school talks more like an adult and uses swearing words and these little kids as young as seven talk about having a boyfriend and beyond ( *) and vulgar desires which shocked me and created stomach cramps for days. In the playground its always uncertain whats gonna happen ? Though I have faith in teachers and staff who are brilliant but still I don't feel right for my child being in that school. My little one says she loves teachers and teaching and other extra creative activities but she does not like to get involved into such dirty talks. She feels proud about herself for what she is and able to figure out good and bad. She has few friends , even these parents are unhappy. Wanted to discuss with head, but feel very uneasy to talk and describe the situation. I am sure as a parent I am able to know many news whats happening at school , how can Head or teachers miss this out ? So this made me search enough schools but some did not fit my budget. Bishop Challoners Independent school felt good, but yet to go and talk. So before going wanted to know how the school is ? Is there bullying,racism and do children similar things at independent schools ? Heard few people saying results were not good and its gone down on pastoral care as well and other few good things about the school , so I am confused.Also heard shortlands and beckenham is popular for burglary.
So little worried, as my husband's office is central London, is it safe to walk from Shortland station to home ? Is it safe for woman and child at home when husband is out on work ( various countries for two weeks etc), will burglary happen when people at home ? This Burglary scares me a lot ! How is shortlands ? if school looks ok, would like to rent a home with 1/4 mile from school not beyond as I have constant leg pain , which might be impossible to commute to school everyday to and fro four times a day. Current location where I live @ herts is a lovely safe place where everything is good Very safe place and family crowd around except the current concern.
So just hoping that I am taking a right decision and not regret later having left Herts
Thanks very much xxxxxx

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