Bexleyheath Broadway or Joydens wood, Bexley ?

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NewMumToBe123 Mon 11-Jul-16 07:11:08

Hello All,

We have put offers on 2 properties (both are in the same price range). Would you recommend Bexleyheath (near shopping centre) or Joydens wood, Bexley?

We really liked the Joydens Wood as it looked lovely and peaceful, but the property is in a chain. So worried that it may take long time for the process to complete and read lot of horror stories where the chain broke.

Again staying near Bexleyheath Broadway has its advantages ..near to all shopping amenities, but this property needs renovation.

I would greatly appreciate your views.

Kind regards,

maz210 Mon 11-Jul-16 07:32:20

I come from that area and we lived close to the Broadway in two different flats over eight years. Bexleyheath has a big night life aspect that you will be aware of very quickly if you're near the town centre. It's very handy having everything on your doorstep but come 7pm on a Saturday and you will not want to live there. I lived on Lion Road and Methuen Road and in both roads we had regular instances of drunk adults/teenagers arguing, puking and even causing damage. We had a car stolen and friends had their windscreen smashed by vandals (actually they did a whole row of cars!). One memorable occasion we drove home to find a man standing having a wee at the end of our road who's decided to remove his trousers to do so. Another time we had involved in an altercation as a young very drunk girl in a large crowd of boys started running alongside our car asking for a lift. Obviously we had to stop to check she was ok and then ended up in a dispute over people thumping our car. We moved out if Bexleyheath when I was pregnant, our experiences of it were that it wasn't somewhere we wanted to bring a family up.

I would definitely recommend Joydens Wood, it's a lovely area. Old Bexley does also have a lot of pubs and night life but I doubt people wander much off the main roads there. Hope this helps you.

maz210 Mon 11-Jul-16 07:33:22

Apologies for typos smile

Kbear Mon 11-Jul-16 18:10:05

I would say not to living on the Broadway until you're 21 and a party animal who doesn't like sleep.

I would also say no to Joydens Wood, I have a friend that lives there - it's like sleepy hollow - poor mobile phone reception for some reason, too far off the beaten track in my opinion, unless you're retired. Not sure about schools or anything like that but no shopping centre nearby.

Kbear Mon 11-Jul-16 18:10:34

unless you're 21, not UNTIL...... der

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