AIBU to expect people respect each other at Danson park

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JonquilleTW Fri 20-May-16 12:01:38

We all love Danson park. And as it is a public park, we all use it and share it. Admit who doesn't like a stroll through the park around the lake with kids, jogging or just to wind down?
But recently I started to notice that people are not being respectful towards each other. And it pains me. I think we can all use it and be happy. There is enough space for everyone.
Yesterday I was going through the park with my child and her two friends. We wanted to cross the park to go to Crook log. As it means we do not have to go along the way but go through nice scenery. As we were getting a little late. I played a game with the kids, who will reach the park gates first. Obviously we were all running and finding it funny.
When we reached tennis courts. We saw a man with a spaniel. It started barking and running after the three kids. The kids were terrifies, screaming their heads off. And I didn't know which one to protect and I thought it actually bit one of them. The owner saw it all DID NOTHING! The man in his mid thirties was just walking slowly and started YELLING at ME! Saying: " They should stop screaming and running".
Excuse me you see three terrified kids, after who YOUR dog is running and what you do? You just yell at mum? In stead of coming holding your dog?
I was carrying heavy bags with all their gym, dance, swimming gear. Then I said "if you don't stop your dog, I will, no matter" what dropped my bags and run after it. It was still chasing all the three kids, they are only 5 and 6 year olds and are not used to dogs being this aggressive. Only after that he came running calling his dog "Lola, come here". And swearing at me. There were two other ladies with buggies, who were shocked from all seen. And they said we would have kicked the man for this. There was another old couple who said he should have apologised at least!
This type of incident is happening more and more. And I believe the dog owners should be more responsible. You know your own dog, if you are aware that it is playful or in a bed mood, keep it close to yourself. And make sure it doesn't cause any terror to innocent children!
I wish I had taken a picture of the man and his spaniel named Lola to name and shame!.
But please dog users there are lots of kids in the park. So make sure they do not give them a scare. So that us parents we do not have to wake up to screaming night terrors, saying take the Lola dog away from me and patching them up with numerous plasters after falls from being chased by a dog with an indifferent owner.

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