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Rosysnozzy123 Sun 07-Jun-15 09:47:51

Hi everyone,

I currently live in Beckenham, and really like the area. My daughters are 8 and 9 and doing really well at school, and I'm starting to think about secondary schools. I've been with my partner for 4 years now and he has two children who live in Bexleyheath who we have every other weekend. We are currently looking to buy a house as we were renting.

I've been quite adamant that I wouldn't leave Beckenham as I think it's a great area and don't want to disrupt my kids as in moving schools, however three things are beginning to change my mind, one secondary schools, I want my girls to go to Newstead Wood but if they can't get in I'm not sure I can afford Langley catchment, which would mean Harris Bromley, whereas a move into the Bexley area means I can apply for Townley, Wilmington and Dartford grammars as well. I really don't think we can afford Bullers Wood catchment!, two moving that way would mean we could have my stepchildren more in the week which I'd love, and three house affordibility, we are being priced out of Beckenham.

So I'm wondering if parents here could let me know best areas to live in Bexley and pros and cons of the area, and opinions on secondary schools for girls, particularly the grammars. We both work in London so close to a station is important. My worries about the area is architecture, shopping, and lack of ethnic diversity, but I love the green space and the fact I can afford a 4 bed Victorian house!



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