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Soundguy67 Thu 07-Mar-13 20:34:47

Good luck!

I considered the same option, (well the video part), when my daughter was born but am still in the day job :-)

lilymaymedia Tue 12-Feb-13 16:14:22

Hi all

I'm a new mum (well she's almost 10 months old now!!) and I had no end of problems with the job I had before I went on maternity leave. One thing lead to another and I've now left with the view of going it alone as a video producer and photographer.

The only problem is, I need more examples of my work and am looking for some willing volunteers!

I'm specifically looking for newborn babies (due in April) who will be less than 14 days old so that I can get a unique image of them before they stretch out. It's a short period in which there is a wonderful opportunity to get some really sweet looking pictures. I'm also after families and pregnant women (37 weeks+) and maybe a few willing ladies who can rock their wedding dresses. I come to you, I don't do studio work as I feel it looks too staged and impersonal. You relax in your own environment and you know which rooms/locations are the best.

My website is in development - unfortunately with a small person running around and working full time this has had to go slightly on the back burner, but it would be nice to launch it with some fab new pictures. I do however have a Facebook page:

If you're interested and think you or your baby might like to feature or you know someone who might be interested, give my page a like and send me a PM about which category you might fit into. I'm unable to do anything until early April due to existing commitments, but keen to hear from anyone who may want some professional photography. I'm also keen to meet some lovely new folks in the process!!

Caroline xx

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