some advice please!!!

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MrsMason99 Mon 21-Jan-13 18:20:23

Hi Sophie's Daddy.

All the information you need on nursery places at Bexley schools is here: There is a PDF booklet to download. I am assuming that she will be 3 by September? The deadline for applications is April 5th. I don't know where you got June from?

Haberdashers has a different admission criteria so read it carefully. From what I've heard you need to get in to their nursery class to get in to reception?

As for starting pre-school before starting school nursery, well that is a personal choice. Technically they are both the same thing and follow the same EYFS curriculum. Some people don't see the point of sending their child to pre-school for a term and then resettle them at school. If she doesn't go it won't be the end of the world.

However to help start her getting used to the school routine I suggest you find some structured play groups. Children's Centres (There is one in the grounds of Haberdashers) normally run play sessions and they'll have snack time and story at the end etc which gets them used to doing certain things at certain time and sitting down together. Mini Montessori in Belvedere is also good for this. Can I also suggest the pre-school gym classes at Europa in Crayford, or something like Baby Ballet? My son did the gym classes and it was really good for helping him be confident around other adults. (Parents sit on the side and watch)

Good luck!

Sophiesdaddy Fri 18-Jan-13 10:07:50

Hello Ladies,

I know this is a site aimed at mums but I couldn't think of a better place to get some advice.

My little girl is two and myself and her mother don't have a clue where to start with the whole 'school' situation.

We live in Crayford and Ideally want to get her into the haberdashers academy. I know I can apply directly at the school itself in June but have been told from others I need to get some sort of form from the council and then put a selection of choices in order of what school id prefer her to get in.

also pre-school's? I take it this comes before nursery? I currently take her to crooklog's totzone but that's once a week and isn't really aimed at getting her ready for school ect and fear im already to late to get her in a pre-school as i've been told i should of got her on the waiting lists from near on birth :-/

My main worry is her not getting in a school when the time comes, I just want the best for her as im sure every parent does.

Thanks for reading any advice or questions if i've not been clear enough are welcome and sorry in advance if ive broken any rules by not being a woman.


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