A "younger" WI?

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PeppermintCreams Wed 16-May-12 18:57:37

Would anyone be interested in joining a "younger" WI group in the North of the Borough? With times suitable for women who work, or have children at school?

The basic requirements of a group is about eight or more women, three of whom are willing to be President, Secretary and Treasurer.

A WI group is basically local women getting together to learn new skills, meet like-minded people and do fun activities they want to do. The main WI campaign this year is about employing more midwives.

The local WI advisor is very enthusiastic about setting up new groups, and encouraging younger members. I've been to a couple of the Nuxley Village meetings, and found it very fantastic and inspiring, (in theory) but as the mum of a small child, the time is completely wrong for me, and pretty much all the members are over 60.

So is anyone interested? If you want some examples of "younger" groups take a look at:
www.teaandtarts.ukpeople.com/ and our more local boroughbelleswi.wordpress.com/

BodaciousTatas Sun 20-May-12 19:05:49

I would be interested. Iive v near nuxley smile

peaz Sun 03-Jun-12 22:54:58

Yes, I'd be interested. I'm in Bexleyheath, near Crook Log x

AWomanCalledHorse Wed 13-Jun-12 20:43:45

Another interested one. I'm useless at maths so would make a rubbish Treasurer! <helpful>

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