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nasara Thu 19-Apr-12 21:38:00

We are thinking about moving to Sidcup/neighbouring areas - would really appreciate insiders' view on what it is like to live there as a family smile

Amyfwest Sun 22-Apr-12 09:06:37

We have lived here for the past 5years. We are selling our flat at mo as we want to be nearer family in Orpington.

I have really enjoyed living in sidcup. Love the big park and sidcup place. Lots of fun has been had there in the sunshine and snow! Morrisons is brill and on your door step. Brilliant local children's centres with full timetables! New swimming pool is good. High street is full of hairdressers charity shops and banks thou.

Very close to other shopper areas bexley Heath, Bromley and getting to bluewater.

Urgent care up the road, loads of doctors and dentists to choose from.

Hope this helps! X

nasara Sun 22-Apr-12 09:55:05

Thanks, amy - that is very helpful! What is the name of the big park? Great to hear that the children's centres are busy places, and that there is a new pool. I know the high street could do with a revamp - am I right that there is a new Waitrose coming? This must be a good sign? Also, have you had any problems crime-wise? Thanks smile

gamerwidow Sun 22-Apr-12 10:21:32

Sidcup is mostly safe, family friendly and has good schools especially secondarys if your DC pass their 11 plus. My friend lives in Sidcup and has had very good experiences of it.
However some of the surrounding areas are not so nice, I would steer clear of Eltham, Mottingham, Foots Cray and St Pauls Cray because these can be be a bit rough. Of the surrounding areas Bexley, New Eltham and Chislehurst are the best and are all comparable to or better than Sidcup.

gamerwidow Sun 22-Apr-12 10:23:30

p.s. crime wise sidcup is safe but I would avoid the roads right next to the station because the Metro Bar gets a lot of trouble.

nasara Wed 25-Apr-12 20:40:18

Thanks, gamerwidow - very helpful stuff smile

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