Could this school run work from Bexley?

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MrsFogi Sun 18-Mar-12 23:32:49

We are currently in Blackheath and are considering moving out to Bexley Village. The dds are currently at a school we're really really happy with - sooooo how totally unfeasible would it be for us to live in BV and do the school run to Blackheath each day for a couple of years? Also, the low down on BV would be very much appreciated? In particular nice/not so nice areas to live. Also, generally what sort of person lives there - socio economic group etc? What are the schools (independent and state, primary and secondary)?

Kbear Sun 18-Mar-12 23:45:53

Bexley Village to Blackheath - school run = murders. Traffic will be horrendous.

Bexley Village nice enough place to live. It's just like any other suburban area of London really.

Bexley has 11+ so comprehensive and grammar schools and you would be well placed for Dartford grammar schools too.

MrsFogi Sun 18-Mar-12 23:51:27

Thanks Kbear - I suspected that would be the case but was hoping someone would tell me I could get away with it grin.

Kbear Sun 18-Mar-12 23:54:04

It's the direction of flow of traffic to London that's the problem. The A2 from Danson to Greenwich turn off - always slow. Other roads equally troublesome.

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