Any other foster carers out there??

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therapymumsy Thu 09-Feb-12 20:49:12

Hi, new to MN but not to fostering....Would love to chat/moan/laugh with other carers. S xx

asiatic Sat 07-Apr-12 02:13:47

Do you foster for Bexley or a private organisation?

Mahmum Thu 27-Sep-12 19:22:22

Hi, I'm also new to mumsnet but not to fostering - although at the moment I wish I wasn't fostering at all having just had a very heated discussion with my foster daughter's sw. We are sick of the patronising, condescending way we are spoken to by the 'so-called' professionals! Both my husband and myself have held extremely responsible jobs and Phds and MA's and yet we are spoken to like we are idiots. Do you find sw's easy to get along with and how are you treated?

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