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sam1603 Sun 25-Sep-11 13:02:16

I am a first time mum with a daughter of nine months. Although I have really wanted to get more involved with local clubs and activities in my area, I've found it rather difficult to make the first steps and attend any session.
I live about 20 minutes walk from Bexleyheath town center and would love some recommendation of where I can take my daughter, so she has more opportunities to interact with other children. I do not have a car but public transport isn't a problem.
Thanks xx

Have you tried your local Sure Start centre? There are loads of them in Bexley borough. Off the top of my head, there's the Northumberland Heath one, the Crayford one and the Danson Park one. They've got loads of stuff you could take your DD to.
There are also several toddler groups - the main one I remember is at Christ Church in Erith, but there's also a couple that run from the Salvation Army in Welling.
Libraries usually have things you can go to as well (rhyme time etc).
Also, Bexley NCT used to do a mother and baby group in the church next to Carib in Bexleyheath town centre (Geddes Place, I think).
In addition to those (it's been a while, but I'm sure they still do it) Crook Log Leisure Centre used to run a baby gym (0-5) session, with soft play, bouncy castles, trampolines etc. There are also parent and baby swim sessions at Erith and Crook Log pools (Erith pool is shallower, and has a slide, but they put loads of toys out at Crook Log).

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