anyone local got a pram i can borrow?

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eleanorsmum Tue 29-Sep-09 17:46:34

Hi, I'm due in 6 weeks and have been looking at getting a second hand pram for baby to be in for the school runs every day. Would lvoe a silver cross big bouncy pram but only need it for 6 months or so. So just thought there may be someone on here who has one hiding in the loft that I could borrow for a short while? It'd be so nice to have baby snug and safe ina real pram. Have got a buggy with carrycot for the carw hich I could use, but really would like a real pram. They are still so expensive secodn hand! I live in berkshire and am happy to come and collect and re-deliver! Thanks for reading, from cheeky me!

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