lonely and bored teen daughter!

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mondef Sun 21-Jun-15 20:38:27

We are not new to the Wokingham area having lived here for the past ten years and previously in Early. My daughter, who will be 15 in September attends a local private school which up until recently was all girls. She struggles to make friends outside school and although she has a small friendship group at school, she has never truly forged close relationships with anyone in particular. Especially during the Summer she ends up being bored and lonely as often we are the only ones who don't go away during the holidays. She is not keen in joining the local Youth Clubs and although she belongs to a netball club that hasn't resulted in widening her circle of friends and they rarely have any social outings. I am sure there must be lots of lonely and bored teenagers in the area with little opportunity to meet others. If only there was a way so they could meet and spend time together in a safe environment.
Any suggestions, advice or anyone with children experiencing similar issues?

mondef Sun 21-Jun-15 20:42:22

can't find how to edit posts.. realized I mistyped Earley grin

ReadingSuperstars Wed 08-Jul-15 03:28:07

Hi Mondef

A lot of our girls were shy, lonely, quiet before they joined us and now they have 100+ big and little sisters all of whom are friends. We have sessions in Reading Tues-Thurs and a younger aged Wokingham session on Fridays.

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