Choosing an Ascot Primary School

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annieoj Wed 12-Nov-14 13:10:44

Hi there

My DD will be starting school next September - I can't quite believe! We have visited all the local schools.

It appears that the two schools in our designated area - St Michael's and South Ascot are not rated very highly with Ofstead and I must admit in comparison to some of the other schools there is a marked difference.

I would appreciate it if any parents who have children at St Michael's / South Ascot could get in touch and let me know there views and experiences.

And any parents who are also looking to place their child next year in an Ascot School - please let me know your views. Would be great to share advice & concerns. I have probably already seen some of you on a school tour over the last few weeks!!

Rathkeltir Sat 06-Dec-14 11:56:46

Hi annieoj I can't specifically comment on Ascot schools but I would suggest that you have a look at the school rather than just basing things on hearsay and Ofsted. Some schools are very adept and fulfilling all the criteria over the course of an inspection. It doesn't mean that those which are rated 3 are not fit for purpose. Your child could have a wonderful experience there. You could read through the Ofsted report and look at the areas requiring improvement. It might not always be teaching and learning.

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