New parenting support serice across West Berks

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bfpc Tue 11-Nov-14 18:32:38

Berkshire Family and Parenting Consultancy (Bfpc) is a new service operating across West of Berkshire.
Bfpc’s primary aim is to support parents when things begin to feel difficult or overwhelming. We understand being a parent is one of the most important roles any person can undertake and that most parents are doing a good job. All parents can feel they are just not getting it right at times and some children are just trickier to parent than others. Asking for help or advice with parenting, or just confirming you are doing the right thing when things begin to feel difficult does not make someone a bad parent, in fact quite the opposite.
John Rivers - director of bfpc has many years of experience in the parenting field. He started by training as a Nursery Nurse whilst working in a therapeutic nursery with children that had difficult starts in life, He expanded his experience by moving into the child mental health field and gained a Master’s Degree in Therapeutic Child Care before moving into more general parenting support.
Over the past 20 years John has run over 150 parenting groups and has supported many hundreds of parents and families but still does not like being compared to Super Nanny.

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