Help please: Maidenhead nursery and paediatrician?

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Manimum2107 Sat 11-Oct-14 14:42:07

We are new to the area and looking for a place for my 21 month old son. Nursery places seem limited! We are viewing Mulberry nursery, Kiddies Cabin and Positive Steps. Are there any recommendations for nursery? And for surgery we are looking at Symons medical centre or Dr Sidons- are these good? Any help gratefully received thanks so much

RedKiteMaidenhead Mon 20-Oct-14 17:30:05

We are registered at Symons medical centre and I've found them to be great so far - I can always get an appointment when needed, and have found all the staff (including the receptionists) kind and helpful.

My DS (now 2.5yrs) has been at Mulberry since the start of the year, when he was 20 months. He has really enjoyed being there. Personally I have a few reservations about the management of the place (there has been rather a lot of staff turnover in recent months, and I am less than impressed with their administration sometimes), but overall my concerns aren't significant enough to remove DS.

We also looked at Positive Steps (Norden Road), but chose Mulberry because it is on our route to the station. One of the other Positive Steps branches has had a bad time recently, but I know a member of staff was drafted in from our previous excellent nursery in London to help turn it around.

The Patchwork Montessori nurseries sound very good - demand for places is likely to be high, but they are worth taking a look (based on friends' recommendations). Belmont Road is closest to the centre, but only takes from 2 years.

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