moving to Windlesham - schools advice please! Charters an option??

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natasha3005 Tue 11-Feb-14 13:10:18

We are moving from London to Windlesham next year and need some advice on schools please.
Our son will be due to start in Year 3 and my daughter will be due to start in Reception.
I have heard fantastic things about Windlesham Infant School which sounds perfect for my daughter but can't seem to find much info on Junior schools. Ideally I would like both kids to attend the same school. Is there a good Junior school in the area? Does Windlesham Infants feed into a Junior school?
Unfortunately we are not in a position to send them to private school so any thoughts on local state secondary schools would be greatly appreciated too. We seem to be equidistant from Gordons and Charters which both sound amazing but I have no idea about catchment areas for schools in this area.
Thanks for your help!

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