Hi-I'm moving to Maidenhead soon

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Northernmum4 Thu 03-Oct-13 12:02:08

Hi ,I'm moving down from Sheffield soon. I have got my 4 kids into Woodlands Park Primary school (fingers and toes crossed that it is OK-it looks like a nice school). I'm living with my sister until I can buy somewhere and I would love to get to know some friendly folk. I don't tend to go out much in the evening because of the kids but I love weekends to meet up with friends + kids. Now my youngest has started school, I am definitely free for a coffee in the day if anyone ever wants to meet up. Hope to speak soon. x

Pgraymele Fri 14-Mar-14 03:33:43

Hello, I just saw your message and although I'm quite late I wondered how you and your kids found the move and the school?
I'm moving there with my two kids from New York and was wondering how you found the whole school admissions process? I have looked at a lot of schools and none so far have a space for my daughter (son isn't of school age yet)
Would love an insight from somebody who's been through it already!?
Hope you're settling in nicely!

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