Chinese, half-chinese or other SE Asian background mums?

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MonaS80 Thu 15-Aug-13 22:49:49

Hi, I am half chinese and have a 9 month old boy who I am trying to raise bilingually English-Mandarin. I do worry though that he will refuse to use the mandarin as he gets older or not pick it up well with me being his only language contact :-( I am therefore wondering if there are any other mums with young children that speak to their children in mandarin chinese? Or are there any mandarin mums groups? Alternatively, would anyone be interested in helping me set one up?

annieoj Mon 30-Sep-13 13:37:18

Hi There - I've only just joined mumsnet so have only just seen your post! How have you got on with setting up your group? And where are you based? I am half Chinese but am not bilingual as my mum never taught me any Chinese. But we are keen for our 2 year old daughter to learn Mandarin. My mum is Hokkein but can understand and speak Mandarin if given the chance to get back into the swing of it. She would probably be interested in attending a group with my daughter if you were local.

yumcha888 Fri 28-Mar-14 22:23:24

It's not Mandarin but we've started a Cantonese playgroup that runs every other week at Reading Library. Check out the calendar on or email for more details.

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