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Beanoak Wed 05-Dec-12 20:55:15

Hello all,

I have posted a new meetup under "Wokingham" - though the meet is actually in Winnersh. This is by way of a reminder, or a pointer to those who may not have spotted it. I hope lots of you will come along! A perfect opportunity to meet new friends or get together with old ones, and to take a short rest from the Christmas preparations.

It's from 09:45 on Wednesday 12 December at Kids'n'Action Soft Play Centre in Winnersh Triangle. The full address is 680 Eskdale Road, Winnersh Triangle, RG41 5TS. You can of course join us a bit later if the start is too early for you. The finish time is not fixed either - I have said I think I will leave at about 12:45, but it is not normally very busy midweek, so you would probably be able to stay longer if you wanted to.

If you have not been before, you may like to have a look at their website - - for information on the facilities, but for what it's worth, I think it is the best in the area for a wide range of ages.

Normal off peak admission charges will apply. Don't forget to say if you have a child under one as they go in free. They also sell coffee and other refreshments and light lunches.

I should perhaps clarify that you do NOT have to bring a child. If yours are at school, nursery or wherever, or if your first is still a bump, you are welcome to just come along for a chat.

Grandparents, Dads, Nannies, Childminders, Foster carers etc are all welcome too.

If you have not been to the centre before, you may wish to be forewarned that you will need to complete an initial registration form. It would probably speed up your admission if you were to download the registration form from the company's website, fill it in before you come and bring it with you.

I hope I have covered everything important, but if not, please do not hesitate to send me a message.

Otherwise, put this in your diary and I look forward to meeting you!

Best regards,
Bean Oak - aka Jane
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I should perhaps have said that registration is a formality,

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