New to Bracknell. Looking at schools

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melarnz Thu 06-Sep-12 18:21:10


I have only just moved into the area from heathrow way, and have 2 young girls. One is in year 3, the other nursery and going into reception next September.

I am looking for your opinions on the local schools in the area and don't want to solely rely on the ofsted reports as I'm well aware they don't always tell the full picture.

I live just on the edge of great Hollands so the nearest schools to me are;

Great Hollands
St micheals

And I'm sure there are others, but not sure where/what they are called.

I would really appreciate some words of wisdom from those mums in the know.


Mel xxx

CaptainFlack Fri 21-Sep-12 20:53:58

Hi, I'm fairly new to Bracknell too. So far, really liking it, despite the naysayers saying it wasn't great!
Did you get a school sorted for your girls? I think you have to go and look at schools and get a feel for atmosphere etc, no point going on Ofsted reports alone and also a school may have had a bad local rep but is actually on the up if you see what I mean (I think the Pines was in special measures once but now is really good) I would call BFC and see which schools have places too. You could PM me if you want more info, I don't live too far from you actually! Good luck

CaptainFlack Fri 21-Sep-12 22:17:58

Oh, meant to say that St. Michaels is impossible to get into, Wooden Hill school might be near you too, and the new school Jennett's Park, which could well have places in yr 3. HTH

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