Lost dog, Binfield, Berkshire Rg42 5pl. Please keep a look out, spread the word, add to facebook...

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50ShadesOfSaggy Wed 04-Jul-12 13:29:10

Mid afternoon bump.

50ShadesOfSaggy Wed 04-Jul-12 08:04:19

Doglost page

50ShadesOfSaggy Wed 04-Jul-12 07:48:14

Early morning bump.

50ShadesOfSaggy Tue 03-Jul-12 22:27:09

Thanks. Theres been a lot of suggestions, but Im passing them all on. I really hope she comes home, she is a gorgeous little dog. sad Please spread the word far and wide.

kahlua4me Tue 03-Jul-12 22:20:47

Have they contacted Binfield dog rescue? I think that is very near Billingbear Lane.
We have some friends near there so will ask them.

50ShadesOfSaggy Tue 03-Jul-12 22:16:44

My friend has lost his tiny dark brown/black wirehaired miniature Dachshund. She weighs less than 5lb. Answers to the name of Bridget, and is microchipped.
She ran away from a property in the village, where he was staying. He has had to come home without her! sad She was last seen in Billing Bear lane, four days ago. There is a reward offered, she's very special and very much missed. If anyone has any information, please PM me.
Please could as many people as possible add this to facebook locally and ask people to pass it on.

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