Starting up a book group that meets?

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Valdeeves Fri 27-Jan-12 15:57:14

Hi I'm a 34 year old mum who's just moved into
the Newbury area. I left behind a great book club where I'm from and would love to start one in this area?
It's a good excuse to meet new people, have a drink
and a laugh once every couple of months?
Anybody interested?


joshandjamie Thu 02-Feb-12 10:30:35


Me again (promise I'm not stalking you - just live locally!) We have a book club. By that I mean we read wine labels. Occasionally one of us brings a book. We decide whether we can be bothered to talk about the book or whether we should just move straight onto the wine. I am actually one of the few that reads the books! You'd be welcome to join us. It's fairly irregular and tends to just be at one of our houses.

Valdeeves Fri 03-Feb-12 23:12:41

That sounds like my kind of book group! How do
I join?

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