Mother and baby/toddler knitting group?

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ljb12 Mon 22-Aug-11 10:06:28

Just looking for opinions really. I go to a couple of knitting groups in the evenings, and am also running my own knitting group in the evenings but I would really love to be able to meet up with other knitting/crocheting parents in the daytime so that our kids could play and we could share a hobby that is non child related.
Is this something that sounds interesting to others? What sort of venue would be suitable?
I'm more than happy to organise it if there is the demand.

Let me know!

Lisa Jane

mrsskefton Mon 26-Sep-11 22:20:38

I reallly would like to learn to knit, I have inherited my mums knitting kit and want to put it to use. If you have details of a group I could go to with my daughter and learn that would be fab!!! Alternatively an evening group would be fine......

Hope to hear from you


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