Any mummies in Ascot?

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LAMMM Wed 04-May-11 20:20:20

I'm hoping to move to Ascot in a couple of weeks time from SW London. Just wondering if there are any mummies out there who might be up for meeting up? I'm a relatively new mum, I have a 6 month old boy, Jonah. I'm feeling rather nervous about making the move as have a really strong NCT support network here, but don't know anyone in Ascot! We're moving to be closer to our families in Maidenhead - but that's not the same as making some good friends! Am also interested in any mum/baby groups and also baby swimming.

nannynick Sat 07-May-11 14:02:28

I'm not a mum... I'm a nanny and babysitter (see my mumsnet profile for more info). Have lived in the area for over 10 years, so know lots about things for children.

There is a well established NCT group in Ascot, so you should be able to meet lots of other parents via that quite quickly.

Groups wise, there is a venue in Sunningdale which is often used for groups... Sunningdale Village Venues: What's on such as Music with Mummy, NCT Tums2Tots.

Also other groups around the area - Ascot Matters: Toddler Groups

Don't know about swimming, I tend to take toddlers to Coral Reef in Bracknell or to a private health club.

You can always meet up with me if you like... I nanny for a 6 month old girl plus older siblings, so the youngest is same/similar age to Jonah. I can show you around Windsor Great Park. Hope this link shows you a buggy route, Bishopsgate to Savill Gardens and another route Virginia Water Lake.

nannynick Sat 07-May-11 14:16:40

Via twitter:karengreyphoto
there is a good baby\toddler group in Warfield on a Friday at the hall next to the large Tescos its at 1pm and £2

nannynick Sat 07-May-11 14:31:44

There is also South Ascot Children's Centre which holds various groups.

If you drive and have a car to use then you should find it ok to find local groups. Give each one a try and see if you like any of them. It always takes me ages to find a toddler group which I like (ended up going to one in Bagshot for many years, as they were friendly towards me).

Anyway, enough info from me, don't want to hog your message thread.

Come on other Ascot local's - suggest good places to go, plus perhaps meet up with LAMMM

LAMMM Mon 09-May-11 20:00:13

Lovely!Thanks for the info. As with all these things - it's knowing where to look! Nannynick - thanks for the offer, will be in touch when we move!

wheatenfrise Mon 29-Aug-11 12:23:55

Hi LAMMM. I also recently moved to Ascot from Twickenham, where I had a great NCT group too! Have been looking for local mums to meet up with, especially as I am due with no.2 in Dec and will be on mat leave from nov and there are no refresher NCT classes locally. I know the area quite well as my family originate from Ascot but as you say its good to know local mums. Let me know if you are interested in meeting up for a coffee?

LAMMM Wed 14-Sep-11 22:29:02

Hi. Would love to meet up - but am going back to work in mid Oct, boo! Sort of looking forwards to it, sort of dreading it. Have been to some playgroups which has been vg for meeting other mums. Main difference between that and an NCT group is that at NCT the babies are about the same age, whereas at the playgroups a lot of the kids are running about, and J at 10m is a bit little for that at the mo! Are you around in the week? I go to the Friday stay and play at All Souls in S Ascot if you fancy, I think it starts at 9.30 til 11, but I never make it that early!

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