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ssteeles Fri 25-Jun-10 13:57:28

Hi I've just moved to Belfast and need to find a playgroup to save my sanity. Can anyone tell me of any in South Belfast? I'me close to Lisburn and Malone Roads.

dingdong3 Thu 08-Jul-10 20:38:06

Hope you still pick up this's been a while since you posted this question.

Most playgroups are now finished for the Summer but I just wanted to tell you about one that I help to organise and which starts up again on the 15th September. It's in McCracken Memorial Presbyterian Church on the Malone Road. It's the big grey church between the House of Sport roundabout and the Balmoral Avenue Junction.

We meet every Wednesday at 10.00am and there's fruit for the kids and fresh scones for the mums! So, sorry, it's not going to help you through the summer months, but at least you can focus on that date in the future!!

Also a lovely group in Finaghy (Upper Lisburn Road) in a church called Lowe Memorial every Tuesday at 10 also. Starts back on the 7th Sept.

FINALLY, there is a mumsnet meet-up in Belfast on the 30 July so you are welcome to come along to that. Probably in Botanic Park beside Queens again as that's where we met before. Would be lovely to meet you!

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