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dianewatty Fri 10-Feb-12 11:16:26

Hi ladies, I'mm looking for maternity tops and dresses with lovely prints, does anyone know of any? online or shops would be great

PiperJT Sun 20-Jun-10 19:19:55

I'm having that problem too, why do they give you bump space in breastfeeding tops? Have got three identical tops in different colours from H+M that I'm likely to be wearing in rotation for the next six months!!

Re smarter maternity wear Funky Bedrooms near holywood arches in east Belfast has a small selection of stuff you would usually get on-line, I found it really great to be able to try stuff on and got the best fitting pair of jeans.

becky2010 Wed 16-Jun-10 11:17:55

i wish there was a shop that sold reasonably priced nursing tops that come without the stretch and extra fabric for a bump and are actually stylish and in more than thee designs!

clarechick Tue 18-May-10 21:01:48

Hi there, I'm 18 weeks pregnant, live in Belfast and planning ahead for some maternity wear purchases over the next few months. So far apart from the usual big chain stores, I have been really surprised at the fact I haven't come across any other shops which specialise in maternity wear in Belfast at all.

I think there is definitely a market out there for maternity wear generally, in particular, smarter less casual clothes, special occasions wear and petite, tall and outsize would be great too.

Bringing clothes to customers sounds like a good idea but can maybe put pressure on someone buy or there maybe a preconception that the clothes are very expensive.

Good luck!!! Would welcome any suggestions of where to shop other than online locally too!!

bellamaria Mon 30-Mar-09 17:22:13

hi, does anyone think there would be interest in a maternity wear provider who specialised in clothes for the taller lady plus petite and outsize, also part of the service would be actually bringing the clothes to the customers?

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