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BWatchWatcher Sat 28-Oct-17 10:02:19

Anyone's child doing the AQE?
My eldest is writing it this year. Agh agh

BelfastLocalEditor Sun 29-Oct-17 09:08:24

My DD opted out last year (long story) but I know from her reports that the kids who were doing it (and my chatting to other parents) that it quite stressful and there's an awful lot of work to do.
My cousins DD had to get extra tuition to pass.
I don't like the ethos of the whole thing but it's the system we have here so just have to go with it.

Wishing you luck !!

DioneTheDiabolist Sun 29-Oct-17 11:05:26

Not AQE, but DS is sitting the GL. He was going to be doing both but I'm due a baby next week and needed to simplify all our lives. I just keep telling him that in 3 weeks it will all be over. When is the AQE?

implantsandaDyson Sun 29-Oct-17 23:40:48

No, not this year - we have a break smile My eldest did both the AQE and GL two years ago and the next one will do both next year. Am hoping they’ll be some kind of change/simplification by the time the youngest one is ready for it!
Dione best of luck with the baby

treaclesoda Fri 10-Nov-17 19:40:42

Good luck to anyone sitting the exam tomorrow.

BWatchWatcher Sat 11-Nov-17 18:15:08

It wasn't too bad this time.

treaclesoda Sat 11-Nov-17 18:23:13

My daughter said the same, she came out feeling quite happy that it was ok. smile

BWatchWatcher Sat 11-Nov-17 21:25:29

Hopefully the next 2 won't be too bad.

DioneTheDiabolist Sat 11-Nov-17 22:35:18

Glad it went well BWatch.thanks

BWatchWatcher Sun 12-Nov-17 14:11:40

Thanks Dianne, good luck this coming Saturday!

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