Local Mumsnet - What do we want?

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SacreBlue Mon 17-Mar-14 21:52:18

Ok folks MNHQ have posed the question in Site Stuff about Local Mumsnet and Mouse & I have suggested the current format is not compatible with NI's layout.

What breakdown would you like to see?

Local MN for all NI?

Local MN broken into Counties?

4 local areas?

Add your ideas here & if anyone wants a particular area speak up about where you want covered by an LE or might want to cover if you were to become an LE.

Additional concerns re school info, meet ups etc as well.

kim1988 Sun 30-Mar-14 00:42:00

Hi I have lived in bangor for 2years & my son is now 6. I have no friends (bar my neighbours!) down here & would love a local forum for bangor area although I am only new to the site & am not 100% sure how things work. To be honest I would be happy with regular chatters/posters/bloggers smile x

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