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Tee2072a Tue 30-Apr-13 15:58:57

You can now join a meet up group!

North Belfast

I'm still looking for Local Ambassadors for South, East, West and Central, so why not join North since we're gearing up for a meet up in May? Or become a LA and organize your own!

JordanstownMum has some awesome ideas, I tell ya!


SacreBlue Fri 17-May-13 19:50:40

Ok you know this is just for your hits smile actually I could have a chat with my book club next week, they are mostly east bf but maybe one of them might be interested?

I'm south but not sure I have the stick-with-it-ness necessary when I am trying to promote the old business capitalist as well

Tee2072a Wed 22-May-13 13:49:01

I just noticed your reply Sacre, sorry. blush

My northern LA seems to have gone PUFF! like smoke. Very odd.

I'm thinking about consolidating to central anyway, what do you think?

SacreBlue Sat 25-May-13 21:00:30

Yep I think so Tee belfast isn't so big it has to have separate LA and judging by the replies on the meet up folks are coming from outside Belfast too (confess that even having separate boards for different counties feels a bit faffy esp since Belfast straddles Down and Antrim blush )

Might be more traffic if all were lumped together. I know I would rather read about something in Derry than a tumbleweed board. I expect if it were a lot busier having separate boards and LA's would really be needed to keep order/arrange doughnuts smile

Would MNHQ let you take over the whole province? grin

SacreBlue Sat 25-May-13 21:03:14

I meant so big it needs 5 different LA's.

I am tired, in bed and frankly did nothing to warrant being so tired so slightly confused grin dozed off a little bit only to be awakened by the iPad smacking my face (had been propped up in front of me)

Tee2072a Mon 27-May-13 08:30:50

I knew what you meant!

HQ has hinted that I do the entire province and I said NO WAY! It's too big, really, although I have added some outlying areas, i.e. Lisburn, Ards.

Not having a car it would be hard to go to things at other points in the province, really, maybe if I could get some LAs for those areas, I'm having enough trouble getting Belfast companies to do more than do free listings and not many of those!

I do think L/derry needs it's own LE though.

Which reminds...butchers on the Ormeau?!?!? You promised!!!

SacreBlue Mon 27-May-13 09:44:26

blush so I did, will do it now.

Maybe they could do East, West, North and South, that would break it down a bit. I forget how lucky I have it with car, I run it now myself but parents bought it to me for work when DS was baby and I started work - had to look after Gingerbread groups in those days many many moons ago

Wondering actually if you approached them? They run training programmes for single parents and might be interested in a listing, I can ask if you like not friends with my previous line managers but still ok with director and one top manager

Tee2072a Mon 27-May-13 09:58:58

I've never even heard of them, actually. Sure, send them my way!


SacreBlue Mon 27-May-13 10:18:46

I think I may have posted book shop twice blush although worth several postings!

David at No Alibis has frequent events so might be good to get in touch with him as he is involved with loads of high profile author events too as part of festivals and such - he is fricking amazing guy and really made my last year at uni (with baby in tow) a much happier place to be (I was bit isolated from other students due the baba and being cough slightly older than everyone else)

Btw there is a group on fb for lisburn rd shops and they seem on the ball with listings and promotion - worth a pop over there too, they have deals etc so possibly interested in a link in to a pamper day/exclusives on offers etc


Tee2072a Mon 27-May-13 11:17:43

Would you like to be LE. grin

I'm kidding, thanks for the help!

SacreBlue Mon 27-May-13 11:51:10

grin Bit envy at those who can/want to so not ruling it out if I feel more motivated too just not for me atm smile totes have time just have been feeling um, can I commit/what's the return

blush long time charity/NGO worker and now wanting to benefit from from work get paid accordingly

Tee2072a Mon 27-May-13 11:52:37

I deleted your double posting and thanks for the butcher one too!

It is a lot of work for very little return at the moment. That's why I am really pushing people to post on local chat as if I can show hits, I can maybe sell ads!

So thanks for chatting here!

SacreBlue Mon 27-May-13 11:53:48

Jeez, not suggesting you or MNHQ are asking for free work happy to contribute smile

SacreBlue Mon 27-May-13 11:56:09

X post smile you're welcome smile have more posts to add to local and will kick my ass do so when I can wink

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