cranial osteopath?

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tessington78 Fri 31-Aug-12 21:13:57

I used a great one in comber on a friends recommendation. Phone 02891871477. We went with an unsettled 8 week old following forceps delivery, it worked like a dream and relieved obvious pain my son had around his head. 2 sessions, 70 quid well spent. We saw a French lady who was covering maternity leave of the osteopath who runs the practise but i can't remember names. My friend said the treatment her prem son had for colic seemed to cure it too.
Good luck!

BettySwallocks2012 Tue 21-Aug-12 22:15:09

A little late but I tried back in 2009 when at the "try anything" stage and couldn't find anyone either :-( If it helps any DS did eventually settle and never look back.

UnMNetty reflux are shit hugs

TeeTsarina Thu 26-Jul-12 07:05:46

Last time I looked, there weren't any in NI, never mind Belfast.

If you Google there is a website that lists them.

emblosion Thu 26-Jul-12 00:01:09

Can anyone recommend a cranial osteopath with experience working with babies?

Am at the 'try anything' stage for poor DS's reflux.

Thanks all x

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