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TeeTsarina Tue 10-Jan-12 15:53:33

I'm am determined to make the Belfast Local Boards (and Co Antrim, where I also Tsarina!) more active!

Who is up for a conversation about living in Belfast and the absolute lack of child friendly places to go?! grin

Seriously, anyone about?

emblosion Thu 12-Jan-12 23:24:56

tee that's what I was hoping to hear about IKEA cots, was shocked at the price of some of the ones I've seen so far (ha ha, now I sound like a total skinflint, I promise I'm not!) - will sec check out gumtree too!

I wondered if I got a pram with a good carry cot and suitable mattress that might do instead of a moses basket and then baby could go into a cot at night?

scampbell I know a couple of girls that have had babies at the Ulster recently and both gave good reports (well to me anyway!)it's hard to know what to go on when deciding isn't it?

I love the zoo! Id definitely be up for going when weather better (i am a big child, ha ha)...

TeeTsarina Fri 13-Jan-12 07:28:11

emblosion that's pretty much what we did. Although we had an Amby Hammock that my son slept in until he was nearly a year and then we moved him into a cot. Well, we tried. He never really took to it and we wound up co-sleeping for about a year. He's just finally started sleeping through the night on his own about 3 months ago. He's 2.7. Sorry everyone for that disheartening story!

topsyturner Fri 13-Jan-12 08:54:30

Morning All

I am an English Woman in Belfast .
Been living here since 1994 though , so am almost a local !
DH is a Belfast Boy , and we have 2 DC . DS aged 12 and DD aged almost 9 , so maybe just a little bit past the soft play age .

dingdong3 Fri 13-Jan-12 13:23:34

Hello all....thanks Tee for getting things going again. I'm from down South, living up here since 1995. Have DS aged almost 8 and DTD's aged 3.
Could meet on Mondays or Tuesdays - pretty much anywhere as I do have a car. DTD's are in playgroup the rest of the week.

Couple of good soft play ares in Lisburn. I can bring Tee with me grin

Defo recommend Belfast gumtree for all things baby. I sold a lot of my stuff there. Also Weecycle in Finaghy is good for gently used baby stuff - great small business run by a local girl whose kids go to my DS's school.

scampbell84 Fri 13-Jan-12 13:34:59

Dingdong, that shop looks great!! Brung my third child and knowing how expensive baby stuff can be I'm not fussed about gettin second hand stuff. At least wen u gave a specific shop like that u Can go and have a look. Much better than gumtree! Thats a brilliant idea!

NeedlesCuties Fri 13-Jan-12 13:49:56

I think the Yorkgate Funky Monkeys is in where Lunar Land used to be. According to their website anyway. Will open in next few months.

As for days of the week, most days suit me smile

emblosion Fri 13-Jan-12 14:31:09

Weecycle looks great! I will definitely check it out, and I also like the idea of being able to look at stuff before buying...

DizzyCow63 Fri 13-Jan-12 21:02:52

Hello everyone! I'm in Belfast too, and have DS1 (8mths) and DSD (14) lives with us too.

I would love a meet up! I'm back to work after may leave on Wednesday sad and will be working Mon, Wed, Thurs. Can't believe the last nine months have gone so quickly. Must admit am a little envy of all those pg and getting squishy newborns soon! DS is fab but definitely not a tiny baby anymore!

TeeTsarina Fri 13-Jan-12 21:04:56

Whoot! (Do I keep saying that?) Hi Dizzy!!!

Hi everyone! I'm local too.

The baby shop in Bangor is called McCulloughs. here I've not been in in many a year (DS is 10) but they are very knowledgable and it's well stocked. Iirc they ordered me in something I really needed but it was so important I can't remember what it was now.

There's lots of soft play places near me, and kid friendly. Wacky wizards and captn jacks in ards, kids zone, snakes and ladders and that cafe place in Bangor that I can't think of the name of.

Brianstorm Fri 13-Jan-12 21:40:10

Hi I'm from just outside Belfast, with 2 girls (3 and 1) and can do with or without children. Not that a child-free glass of wine isn't completely up my street...

Squirted, it's Jumping Javas - and very good for short bits of child-free time while you grab a coffee with your friends wink Although think that might be too far for the Belfast girls!

As for child-friendly, Belfast is pretty poor in the City Centre, it makes me despair of making a day out with the DCs there. I've even been in some restaurants that don't even have a high chair. I don't think it's much to ask for people!!! On a brighter note, if anybody's got some spare capital we may have a niche for a soft play in the City Centre - I'm up for it wink

My baby buys were rrom The Baby Shop, McCulloughs and Samuel Johnston - local is definitely better than the chains, particularly for discounts!!

Brian, yes jumping java, that's it.

NeedlesCuties Sat 14-Jan-12 09:05:28

Brainstorm I also look like hmm confused by some restaurants in Belfast lacking high chairs and a baby change area. DS is 2 but has refused to use a high chair for the past few months, which is lucky for me I guess!

Some people here have been mentioning Samuel Johnston's - just wanted to mention it as I'm at Abbeycentre quite a lot and noticed it while driving past. It's closed down, but don't know if it's permanently shut forever, or if it's just closed until they bulldoze the unit next to it... might be worth ringing the number on their website before you drive up to buy something.

TeeTsarina Sat 14-Jan-12 09:30:59

The one at city centre is definitely still open, Needles!

NeedlesCuties Sat 14-Jan-12 16:14:45

Is there a Samuel Johnston's in the city centre? Wow, I never knew that!! Where is it? Is that the shop down near the Wicker Man, heading towards the Albert Clock?

TeeTsarina Sat 14-Jan-12 16:44:48

That's the one Needles, down from the main Post Office.

TeeTsarina Sat 14-Jan-12 16:45:37

And I just looked at their website, nothing about them closing the Newtownabbey site.

emblosion Sat 14-Jan-12 19:03:07

Quick update- had a trip to weecycle today 'just for a look' and ended up coming away with an icandy Apple plus accessories (oops) wasn't planning to buy anything yet but thought it was too good to pass up!

All these baby shop suggestions are dangerous smile

dingdong3 Mon 16-Jan-12 09:12:57

Glad you got sorted in Weecycle emblosion - I had the iCandy pear for my twins. Was a great pram. I sold it on gumtree for not a lot less than I paid for it. They seem to hold their value well because they can be used as a single or a double. You know, you can convert the apple to a pear if you decide to have another baby soon wink

emblosion Mon 16-Jan-12 16:28:35

I've already been looking into the converter online, ha ha!

The icandy's do seem to get good reviews, and they seem to last well-the one we got is as good as new really...

I wondered if anyone could recommend a good pregnancy yoga class? There's nothing near me as far as I know but I could quite easily get to Belfast or Lisburn....

And has anyone done the nct antenatal classes? Was thinking of signing up for the course at end April - we've been offered a good discount as I am a student (allegedly mature!) but wondered if it was worth it?

dingdong3 Mon 16-Jan-12 17:07:31

I went to pregnancy yoga classes at the Morton Community Centre on the Lisburn Road - behind's the link for Yoga with Gill
It was good and I liked the girl who took it. I'm not a big yoga fan though so switched to pilates after I had the kids. It's great to get the strength back into your core after baby wrecks your stomach muscles! Still do it now in Finaghy and find it brilliant.
Can't comment on the NCT antenatal classes as I just did the ones at the hospital. Am a little bit scared of the NCT ladies I've met....way too pushy on the breast feeding side of things. <dons hard hat>

TeeTsarina Mon 16-Jan-12 17:25:36

ding where do you do pilates? I'm trying to get motivated to find some classes!

(NB ding and I don't live that far from each other. grin)

NeedlesCuties Mon 16-Jan-12 18:34:30

emblosion I went to Kathryn Bryson's pregnancy class in Glengormley, Co. Antrim. It was held in her house, which was handy to where I live. Did a search online for her and can't find her website anymore.... not sure if that means that she has given it up or if she's changed her URL details.
I did the classes with her back in the winter of 2009-early 2010 so things might have changed since then.

dingdong3 Mon 16-Jan-12 22:23:46

Tee I go to the Core Pilates studio down at Orpen Shops. Opposite Weecycle and up a bit, has a little car park in front. There's a studio in the corner of this group of shops, between the indian and the kebab place. The girl is very good tho at the upper end of the price scale - £54 for 6 classes! But she's excellent - really pushes you so it's a tough workout and if I don't do it, I get a bad back. Here is the link to her website and she has a FB page also.

thefurryone Tue 17-Jan-12 10:24:45

emblosion I went to this class
although it might not be a great location for you, but Julie the woman who runs it is brilliant.

BTW where are you a student?

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