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alis74 Sat 10-Dec-11 17:25:20

I wondered if any one can help me, I am so so upset and dont know what to do. Suffice to say my manager and I had very frank supervision the week berfore I got ill. I simply asked if I would ever be promoted for the extra work I had done. The firm is IIP silver and really into reward and recognition. My manager was really frosty with me from that point onwards (after telling me that she had never built my hopes for promotion and the firm doesnt work like that) and when I called in to say hi to my collegues and hand in my sickline she ignored me. She has never once asked how I am in 5 weeks and quite frankly I could have died.
Anyway I now find myself in an utterly scary situation and dont know what to do, but here goes;

I have been off work sick since November 9th 2011. I started to have seizures and as yet they are not regulated and it is most likely that I have stress related epilepsy /adult onset epilepsy.

I was intially given a 2 week sickline from my GP, which was followed on Nov 23rd by another 2 weeks sickline, culminating in a sickline posted on Wednesday 7th December for a 4 week phased return. My nuerologist has started me on epilepsy drugs which will be rapidly increaded over the next few weeks hence the phased return.

Today (saturday 3.15) I had a letter from my work which I was to sign for, the letter (dated 7th Dec) invited me to a diciplinary meeting on Thursday due to inconsistencies in my sickline. The only thing that I can think of that is inconsistant would either be my doctors description which I think said seizure on the first and seizures on the second or the fact that my mother ticked a phased return box, which was an option that would allow my return and increase my medication at once.

Needless to say I felt very sick at the receiving the letter and am really upset. I will speak to my GP first thing on monday morning about the disciplenery.

When I got my new sickline on wednesday 23rd I called my work as I was due to start back on Thursday 24th, I told them that I had been given a new line and that the doctor had ticked 4 weeks phased return and altered hours. I asked them should I come in the following day anyway? They asked me to read what the doctor had wrote. I read it out and I was told not to come in until my manager contacted. I heard nothing from my manager and instead received this very formal letter from HR today.

When I posted my line on Wednesday evening I also posted my drug regeime and thought maybe that is why I had not heard from work. In reality it seems they had sent this letter even before receiving my doctors letter.

I am unsure what to do on Thursday, it is unlikely right now that I could face a disciplinery, as I truely am not well, and do not want to embarrass myself by having a seizure in front of them, if I get my doctor, nuerologist or epilepsy nurse to explain / write to my work would this suffice? Or by not attending will I be sacked?

SanTEEClaus Sat 10-Dec-11 17:47:26

I think you really need to speak to CAB. Or at least post on the legal boards here on MN.

alis74 Sat 10-Dec-11 18:02:08

thank you x

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