Mater Vs Royal

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tillybug Thu 04-Aug-11 19:48:36

Hi all,
I just found out Im expecting number 2 and was hoping to hear some advice/shared experiences about where to deliver...I had DD at the Royal and had a pretty horrific experience - they were so busy i nearly delivered in a ward bath, but was moved to labour ward due to complications where i then had to wait 3 hrs before a surgeon or aneathstist was free.
I dont really want to relive this exp, and heard some gd things about the Mater..can anyone advise?

Tee2072 Thu 04-Aug-11 19:53:37

Interesting. I can't speak to the Mater but I had a wonderful experience at the Royal 2 years ago.

I was high risk and had to have a CS and from beginning to end, including my son being in SCBU for 9 days, I had fantastic care.

I did pay extra for a private room so I have no idea what the wards are like.

tillybug Thu 04-Aug-11 20:05:09

hi - I did pay for a private room too, which was really great after the delivery,and the nurses were all lovely but the lack of staff during labour and birth made it an awful experience...they were stretched to beyond capacity, this was nearly 2 yrs ago.

Tee2072 Thu 04-Aug-11 20:11:18

Like I said, mine was almost exactly 2 years ago, my son is 25.5 months.

I also never went into labour as my CS was scheduled due to my high risk issues, so I don't know what it's like when there is an emergency like yours. I do remember that there seemed to be plenty of staff around.

Why don't you ring and ask to take a tour and/or talk about your concerns with the midwives? And do the same at Mater? The worst they can say is no!

tillybug Thu 04-Aug-11 20:26:35

yeah, thats probably a gd idea, thx

wigglesrock Fri 05-Aug-11 20:59:30

I have had 3 babies in the Mater, dd3 five months ago and couldn't fault it. Dd1 was born 6 years ago and dd2 3 years ago. The staff were great, I never had a problem with waiting on painkillers etc, the food was awful grin but thats much of a muchness. I had Midwifery Led Care and felt really well looked after. The wards/bays held 6-8 beds so it wasn't huge, there were a few private rooms but I think thats pot luck. The only thing was the visiting is quite restricted - afternoon and evening, when I had dd1 there was also a morning session but they've got rid of that. It didn't bother me but know it did annoy some others. Know a few people that have used the birthing pools.

MRY Sun 21-Aug-11 21:28:56

I had my first two children in London, The Chelsea and Westminister and St Georges respectively. They are both large teaching hospitals similar to the Royal and very busy. I really felt like I was on a conveyor belt and was sent home within 24 hours. I moved to Belfast 5 years ago and chose to have my third child in the Mater 3 years ago. I had heard it was quieter and I was not concerned about the lack of a special care unit for babies as it was my third child and I was low risk. I had a really positive experience. I think they were rather surprised to be presented with a birth plan (she comes here with her funny London ways) but they clearly read it and did everything to facilitate it. I was lucky though as I was the only one on the labour ward at the time.

tillybug Thu 08-Sep-11 13:02:04

thanks so much everyone for your feedback smile

Fems96 Thu 03-Nov-11 21:23:08

Hi,I have had my two sons in the mater,one 6 years ago the other 8 months ago.both very good experiences.had Midwife led care and water birth with my second and couldn't have faulted the care I received. I needed a few sweeps to get the labour going and one of the midwives phoned me around tennone evening to say that it was quiet and would I like to cone down for a sweep and an examination to see if we could get things started,she had just called me as she knew I was cracking up being overdue!ttc no.3 and will def be back to the mater.

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