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TeeTsarina Thu 14-Jul-11 17:42:40

I just wanted to introduce myself as I have just been named as Tsarina for Belfast MN Local (and Co Antrim as well, BTW).

Some of you may recognize the first part of my name as I don't hide, ever. So if you know who Tee2072 is, I'm the same person!

I am hoping to get the boards more active and get lots and lots of things listed on the activities and events boards!

Remember, this is your board! You can add things as well!

I hope to be organizing a meet up as well in the near future, maybe with just Belfast or Belfast and Co Antrim together!

malteaserbunny Thu 21-Jul-11 17:55:17

Would like to see the local boards a bit more active-thanks Tee!

TeeTsarina Thu 21-Jul-11 18:16:00

I'm gonna work on it malteaser!

TinyPawz Sat 23-Jul-11 13:10:24

Another Belfast bod here. Count me in.

TeeTsarina Sat 23-Jul-11 13:46:04

Whoot! That's 3 whole people!!! grin

singlemumbelfast Mon 08-Aug-11 21:14:02

hi, i've just found mumsnet! count me in for any meet up's.

TeeTsarina Mon 08-Aug-11 21:36:14

Fantastic! Hi singlemumbelfast!

July totally got away from me and August seems to be heading the same way. Maybe we can do something in September?

TeeTsarina Tue 09-Aug-11 13:26:17

Okay, started a thread in Meet Ups.

Tee2072 is my non-tsarina name, BTW! In case you didn't know that. grin

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