Childcare in North Belfast

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Orchard2 Fri 11-Feb-11 18:34:57

Does anybody use TLC on the Cavehill Road or Wee Care on the Antrim Road? I'd be interested to hear any feedback...

smiler120 Thu 13-Oct-11 22:37:44

no i dont use either but i am a childmimdeq if thats an option pm me or call me 07812379961

Fems96 Thu 03-Nov-11 21:15:32

Hi there I had my first son in wee care from aged one and only took him out last year as I went part time in looking to start my2nd son in wee care after christmas,I have been really happy with most aspects of the care son had attended another nursery before wee care and I moved him out of it,found wee care far aunt had her baby in tlc on cavehill tho and she is very happy with that.

Tee2072 Thu 03-Nov-11 21:46:25

I don't know about that Wee Care, but my son goes to the one in South Belfast and he loves it and I love the care he gets there. He's 2.5 and has been going there since he was about 13 months.

I would imagine they are all run more or less the same and to the same standards.

mrsdom Thu 08-Dec-11 00:41:18

Hi there,
My 2 yo daughter goes to Wee Care and really loves it - she bounces in the door every morning without any complaints. She loves all the girls who look after her, and what's lovely is, they genuinely seem to love her (and all the kids). Lots of activities, plenty to keep them entertained, good feedback to parents. The only drawback is the cost (and the fact they don't open weekends! grin), but I'm still intending to put my little boy in there when I go back to work - it is worth every penny to know they are well cared for.

Orchard2 Wed 22-Aug-12 23:13:53

our son goes to tlc and I can honestly highly recommend it. It is much smaller than wee care and family run. I visited both before making my decision and would recommend anyone do the same and go with your gut.

DioneTheDiabolist Wed 22-Aug-12 23:17:39

I worked in a Wee Care a number of years ago and IMO they are an excellent organization.

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