Childminding/day care/nannies in East Belfast

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smiler120 Mon 05-Dec-11 19:53:47

hi yoga mummy,
i a m areg childminder in nrth belfast i no u said east belfast but if i can hlp i will. I have also worked in nurseries and i think they r both the same in terms of u will always get good ones and bad ones unfortunately.

YogaMummy2B Mon 31-Jan-11 16:33:34

Hi there,

Anyone got any good advice on childcare in East Belfast?
I am due in 8 weeks time and am starting to think about arrangements I will need to make for childcare provision when I go back to work in November.
I will work part time (3 days) until February and then back to full time hours.
Not even sure what sort of childcare I would prefer, any advice much appreciated.


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