Moving to Biggleswade (Kings Reach are)

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FuntasticFaces Sun 23-Feb-14 16:03:24

Hi Everyone,

I'm Rasiha and I currently stay in Welwyn Garden city Herts! We are moving to biggleswade in the new development area in Saxons field/ Kings Reach! Like everyone else I have the same Pros and Cons questions like what is the place like? facilities? schools etc...?
Obviously in this estate it's all full of new homes and the community will develop too! We have been viewing a lot of properties in various parts of Bedfordshire because we find the property prices are cheaper than Herts!! Biggleswade seems to be a very nice little town fells similar to WGC! I don't know what the schools are I have two girls ages 3 and 4! My 4 yr old is in reception and my 3 yr old is in nursery and will be moving in to the reception in September! What would you recommend why schools is good to opt for? And what is it like to love in this area?

I would really appreciate your help!
Thank you

Rasiha x

Edradour Wed 05-Mar-14 13:36:17


I have no advice re. schools, but there is a local forum for the Kings Reach which may be a good place to seek opinions: (

Main issue you might have is that the Kings Reach is an internet black-spot. Speeds are very low and nothing much is being done. It's fallen through the cracks of the BDUK scheme.

I think it's got more of a village feel than WGC, though I don't know WGC that well myself.

As to the local area, it's a pretty good place to live. Nice enough local shops, etc., with some bigger shops on the outskirts (and more coming soon). More coffee shops than Seattle. Not much variety in the food stakes, but there are a couple of new restaurants that have popped up recently. Hopefully the Kings Reach will encourage more.


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