Opinions on Oakley and environs please...

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Sallypuss Tue 11-Aug-09 21:10:14

We're thinking about upping sticks and moving to Oakley in Bedfordshire. Currently live in Essex (Harlow-y area)though neither DH or I are from there and we don't have any ties to the area as family elsewhere and friends in different places. Reasons for moving are better quality of life in a village, better schools etc etc. DD is 9 months so don't have to worry about the schools issue for a while yet just being super-organised .

Are we mad? Oakley seems lovely but am I missing something? Does anyone have any experience of childcare availabilty in the area?

Would really value MN's collective opinion...

raggybo Wed 21-Oct-09 18:14:42

Hi there, I live about 5 miles from Oakley and have a few friends who live there. If you are still thinking of moving I can let you know what I know....


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